State Aid Materials and Testing Documents

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  • Schedule of Unit Costs for Testing and Inspection (MDOT) (Effective 16 Feb 05) [pdf 107k]
  • Screen Shot of FMS-122 "Detailed Cost Record for Testing Materials" (MDOT) [17 Feb 05] [pdf 92.4k]
  • 2003 MDOT Testing Charges (Rev. 14 Apr 03) [pdf 21.8K]
  • Approved Testing Labs (Rev. 07-24-2006) [pdf 31.0k]
  • MDOT Sample Information Card (TMD-320) [pdf] [MDOT link]
  • MDOT Pre-Tested Materials Shipment Report Request Form [pdf] [MDOT link]
  • Approved Sources of Materials (Interactive) [MDOT link]
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  • CE Testing Invoice Spreadsheet (Rev. 03-15-2007) [xls 956k]
  • OSARC Concrete QCP Form Spreadsheet (Rev. 12-11-2006) [xls 175k]

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