County Bridge Inspection/Inventory Documents

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Bridge Inspection/Inventory

  • Bridge Inventory Coding Guide [current] (mtguide.pdf 779k) [FHWA link]
  • Errata Sheet for the Coding Guide [FHWA link]
  • Definitions of Selected Terms (Definitions_of_Selected_Terms.pdf 6k)
  • Bridge Inspection/Inventory Coding Forms (coding_forms.pdf 25k)
  • Form A-1 Bridge Foundation and Profile (Form_A-1.pdf 81k)
  • Form UW-1 Bridges Requiring Underwater Inspection (UW1.pdf 4k)

    Bridge Inventory Program

  • Bridge Inventory Program User's Guide (brinv.txt 24k)
  • Bridge Inventory Program Installation Notes (readme1st.txt 3k)
  • Bridge Inventory Program Network Set-up Guide (network.txt 4k)
  • How to Use the Bridge Inventory Program's DIY Data Retrieval System (how_to.txt 2k)


  • The National Highway System [FHWA link]
  • STRAHNET Route Maps [U.S. Army link] [Requires Password]
  • FHWA Hydraulics Engineering Publication List [FHWA link]
  • FHWA Technical Advisory - EVALUATING SCOUR AT BRIDGES T 5140.23 [FHWA link]

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