2005 S.O.P. Documents

Contents (PDF)

Introduction (PDF) (Rev 07/01/2005)



SA I-1-1 (PDF) Terms, Abbreviations and Definitions
SA I-1-2 (PDF) S.O.P. Numbering System
SA I-1-3 (PDF) Distribution of S.O.P.s
SA I-1-4 (PDF) State Aid System Defined
SA I-1-5 (PDF) Allocation of State Aid System Mileage
SA I-1-6 (PDF) Designation and/or Modification of State Aid System
SA I-1-7 (PDF) Federal Aid Roads
SA I-1-8 (PDF) Local System Bridge Replacement & Rehabilitation Program
SA I-1-9 (PDF) Local System Road Program
SA I-1-10 (PDF) Cost of Document Reproduction
SA I-1-11 (PDF) Forms


SA I-2-12 (PDF) Right of County to State Aid Funds
SA I-2-13
(PDF) Sources and Allocations of Funds
SA I-2-14
(PDF) Interchange and Administration of Funds
SA I-2-15
(PDF) Advance Cedit" Funding
SA I-2-16 Blank
SA I-2-17
(PDF) Use of Funds
SA I-2-18
(PDF) Payment of All Sums Due Contractors As Provided by MS Code Sections
                        31-5-25 & 65-9-11 (Rev. 10-09-2006)
SA I-2-19 Blank


SA I-3-20 (PDF) Boards of Supervisors - Responsibilities and Authority
SA I-3-21 (PDF) County Engineer - Employment, Principal Duties and Compensation
SA I-3-22 Blank
SA I-3-23 (PDF) State Aid Engineer - Responsibilities and Authority
SA I-3-24 (PDF) Office of State Aid Organization and Personnel
SA I-3-25 (PDF) Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
SA I-3-26 (PDF) Consultant Selection and Administration of Consultant Contracts for
                        Engineering Services (Rev. 05-18-2006)
SA I-3-27 (PDF) Americans With Disabilities Act
SA I-3-28 (PDF) National Bridge Inspection Standards
SA I-3-29 Blank



SA II-1-30 (PDF) Administration of Federal Aid Projects
SA II-1-31
(PDF) Geometric Design Guides
SA II-1-32
(PDF) Design of Pavement Structures
SA II-1-33
(PDF) Design Values - Bridges and Minor Drainage Structures
SA II-1-33A
(PDF) Hydraulic Design of Encroachments on Flood Plains
SA II-1-34
(PDF) Construction Administration and Supervision (Rev. 01-11-2010)
SA II-1-35
(PDF) Project Organization
SA II-1-36
(PDF) Relationships with the Public and Others
SA II-1-37
(PDF) Preparation for Contract Administration
SA II-1-38
(PDF) Keeping Project Records up to Date
SA II-1-39
(PDF) Project Diary
SA II-1-40
(PDF) Inspector's Daily Report
SA II-1-41
(PDF) Claims for Adjustments and Disputes
SA II-1-42
(PDF) Traffic Control Plan For Construction Projects
SA II-1-43
(PDF) Monthly Report of County Engineer (Form SA P-1a)
SA II-1-44
(PDF) First Construction Report (Form SA-FCR-1)
SA II-1-45
(PDF) The Recording of Measurement of Materials in Hauling Vehicles
SA II-1-46 Blank
SA II-1-47 Blank
SA II-1-48
(PDF) Estimates, Monthly and Final, With Supporting Data
SA II-1-49 Blank
SA II-1-50 Price Adjustments for Non-specification Work Allowed to Remain in Place
SA II-1-51 Through
SA II-1-59 Blank
SA II-1-60
(PDF) Construction Survey - General
SA II-1-61
(PDF) Construction Centerline
SA II-1-62
(PDF) Bench Marks
SA II-1-63
(PDF) Setting Right of Way Stakes
SA II-1-64
(PDF) Field Cross Section Data
SA II-1-65
(PDF) Setting Slope Stakes
SA II-1-66
(PDF) Staking Ramps and Turnouts
SA II-1-67
(PDF) Staking Box Bridges, Box Culverts and Pipe Culverts
SA II-1-68
(PDF) Field Layout of Bridges
SA II-1-69
(PDF) Setting Grading Stakes, Finishing Stakes and Paving Stakes
SA II-1-70
(PDF) Staking Channel Changes and Ditches
SA II-1-71
(PDF) Staking Curb, Curb and Gutter, Sidewalks, Guard Posts and Guard Rail
SA II-1-72
(PDF) Notes, Records and Party Chief's Daily Report
SA II-1-73
(PDF) Construction Practice, Records and Reports
SA II-1-74 Through
SA II-1-79 Blank
SA II-1-80
(PDF) Structural Concrete-General
SA II-1-81
(PDF) Portland Cement Concrete - Definitions and Terms
SA II-1-82 Through
SA II-1-89 Blank
SA II-1-90
(PDF) Tack Coat and Prime Coat
SA II-1-91
(PDF) Seal Coats and Bituminous Surface Treatments
SA II-1-92
(PDF) Surface Treatment-Report of Bituminous Materials and Aggregates Applied (Form SA-724)


SA II-2-1 (PDF) Construction Programs, Planning, Reviews and Approval
SA II-2-2 Blank
SA II-2-3 Blank
SA II-2-4
(PDF) Program Approval and "Authorization to Proceed" on Federally Funded Projects
SA II-2-5
(PDF) Processing Federally Funded Programs (Except APL Programs)
SA II-2-6
(PDF) Processing Appalachian Local Access Road Projects
SA II-2-7
(PDF) Acquisition of Rights-of-Way (Rev. 07-12-2005)
SA II-2-8
(PDF) Accommodation of Utilities on Rights-of-Way
SA II-2-9
(PDF) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program
SA II-2-10
(PDF) Predetermination of Prevailing Wage Rates (Davis-Bacon Act) (Rev. 03-09-2009)
SA II-2-11
(PDF) Employee Information Requirements
SA II-2-12
(PDF) Non-Discrimination Construction Contracts
SA II-2-13
(PDF) Project Development/Environmental Documentation - Federal Funded Projects
SA II-2-14
(PDF) Project Development/Environmental Documentation - State Funded
                         Projects (Rev. 06-25-2008)
SA II-2-15
(PDF) Guidelines for Completing Form SA-ENV-160 (Rev. 09-01-2009)
SA II-2-16
(PDF) Environmental Class of Action Determination Form SA-ENV-160 (Rev. 09-01-2009)
SA II-2-17
(PDF) Highway Location/Design Committee
SA II-2-18
(PDF) Public Involvement/Public Hearings
SA II-2-19 Through
SA II-2-23 Blank
SA II-2-24
(PDF) Construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention


SA II-3-1 (PDF) State Aid - MDOT Relationship
SA II-3-2
(PDF) County/LSBP Engineer and Approved Testing Laboratories
SA II-3-3
(PDF) Certification of Technicians to Perform Testing
SA II-3-4
(PDF) Schedule of Unit Costs for Testing and Sampling By County/LSBP
                       Engineers (Rev. 03-15-2007)
SA II-3-5
(PDF) Approximate Frequencies for Job Control Sampling and Testing (Rev. 11-21-2006)
SA II-3-6
(PDF) Frequencies for Independent Assurance Sampling and Testing
SA II-3-7
(PDF) Sampling and Testing of Small Quantities of Miscellaneous Materials
SA II-3-8
(PDF) Hot Bituminous Pavement Job Mix Formulas and Transfers
SA II-3-9
(PDF) Certification Program for Hot Mix Asphalt Technicians
SA II-3-10
(PDF) Aggregates: Sampling, Testing, Inspecting and Reporting
SA II-3-11
(PDF) Volume Correction for Bituminous Materials
SA II-3-12 Blank
SA II-3-13
(PDF) Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field
SA II-3-14
(PDF) Hydraulic Cement
SA II-3-15
(PDF) Reinforcing Steel
SA II-3-16
(PDF) Fly Ash
SA II-3-17
(PDF) Job Control Sampling and Testing of Materials and Operations
SA II-3-18
(PDF) Lot Density Acceptance of HMA
SA II-3-19
(PDF) Certification of Concrete Batch Plants
SA II-3-20
(PDF) Approval of Concrete Job Mix Formulas
SA II-3-21
(PDF) Field Verification of Concrete Job Mix Formulas
SA II-3-22
(PDF) Instructions for Completing Form TMD-892 "Field Verification of Concrete Job
                         Mix Formulas"
SA II-3-22-892
(PDF) Field Verification of Concrete Job Mix Formulas, Form TMD-892-SA
SA II-3-23
(PDF) Inspection of Laboratories Used for Testing Concrete
SA II-3-24
(PDF) Quality Assurance Testing of Concrete
SA II-3-25
(PDF) Information Card (Form TMD-320) to Accompany Job Control Samples Submitted to MDOT
SA II-3-26
(PDF) Requests for Pre-Tested Materials Test Reports from MDOT's Materials Division
SA II-3-27
(PDF) Certification Program for Concrete Technicians
SA II-3-28
(PDF) Inspection of Precast and/or Prestressed Concrete Bridge Members at
                         the Construction Site (Rev. 08-25-2005)
SA II-3-29 Blank
SA II-3-30 Blank
SA II-3-31
(PDF) Random Sampling
SA II-3-32
(PDF) Transfer of Pretested Material from One Project to Another