Lee County LSBP Eligible Bridges
Compiled 09/25/2018 07:39:45 AM

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Structure Number Road Name         Feature Intersected       Location       
SA4100000000013 CR 941             CAMPBELLTOWN CREEK       SEC_14_T 7S_R 6E  
SA4100000000023 CR 1213            TWENTY MILE CREEK        SEC 19 T 7S R 7E  
SA4100000000032 CR 521             MUD CREEK BRANCH         SEC 24 T 8S R 5E  
SA4100000000050 FELLOWSHIP ROAD    BROCK CREEK              SEC 28 T 8S R 6E  
SA4100000000054 CR 2346            PUNCHEON CREEK           SEC 17 T 8S R 7E  
SA4100000000094 NORTH VETERANS     MUD CREEK                SEC 28 T 9S R 6E  
SA4100000000114 CR 1310            BOGUEGABA CREEK          SEC_27_T 9S_R 7E  
SA4100000000118 CR 1310            BOGUEGABA CREEK          SEC_29_T 9S_R 7E  
SA4100000000154 CR 1130            BOGUEBABA CREEK          SEC  3 T10S R 7E  
SA4100000000157 CR 1589            BOGUEFALA CREEK          SEC 10 T10S R 7E  
SA4100000000162 CR 712             CARMICHAEL CREEK         SEC_31_T10S_R 7E  
SA4100000000163 CR 185             CHIWAPA CREEK            SEC  4 T11S R 5E  
SA4100000000164 CR 185             CHIWAPA CREEK NO FORK    SEC  4 T11S R 5E  
SA4100000000171 CR 109             TUBBALUBBA CREEK         SEC_21_T11S_R 5E  
SA4100000000181 CR 1149            LEEPER CREEK             SEC 14 T11S R 6E